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Welcome fellow explorers - to the home of Hr & Fru OrgelDuo!*

OrgelDuo is the brainchild of Daniel Sommer and Simon Eskildsen, who have lovingly crafted this world combining jazz, funk, comics and good times!

Check out the record/comicbook combo below, or scroll down to find the digital version of our lovely senior citizens first adventure!

Hr & Fru OrgelDuo Travels the World!

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* Hr & Fru is danish for Mr & Mrs.

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The OrgelDuos

Our lovely couple, pro tourists and completely oblivious to dangers!

Scott West

Always charming, this secret agent/inspector is always ready to save the day!

Admiral Klöde

Deadpan, ice-cold, deadly!

The Artist

Hitman for the Admiral, with stagepresence!

The Players

Daniel Sommer (drums) & Simon Eskildsen (organ)

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