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Paper Puppet Theatre

The Meklenborg Dukketeater (Meklenborg puppet theater) production of Sjons novel The Blue Fox features my illustrations portraying a beautiful Icelandic scenery in which a tragic story emerges.
The narrative continually breaks up timeline, forcing the audience to form the story of the fragmented bits and pieces - ending up with a sort of a crime-story/magic fairytale.

I would highly recommend watching the theater - check out the theater website for information about playing times. If not, then read the book instead (or do both)!

The show premiered on Svalegangen in Aarhus, Denmark April 2015. You can read a danish review of it here. The arduous task of creating the illustrations for the show was a big learning experience - but the great team made it all worth it.


Puppeteers: Marie Thodberg & Søren Mortensen
Dialog: Marie Thodberg
Sceneography: Janne Fjeldtvedt & Simon Eskildsen
Voices: Anne-Vibeke Mogensen, Asger Bonfis, Hans Rønne, Holger Østergaard Kristensen, Ole Jakobsen & Marie Thodberg
Music: Simon Eskildsen & Frederik Sakham

The Blue Fox, by Sjon

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