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musikvideo/record cover

A tour de force of details surrounding the rapper, singer and producer of danish hip hop act Manus Nigra, for their first full length album Blind Vej.

The cover - itself an homage to the great Thelonious Monk cover for the record Underground - was a thrill to do. Plenty of hours went into this project, but the final piece is well worth the effort.

The album is out april 20, 2015, and you can order it here: Its a beautiful 12" and its really cheap.

I made this "lyric-video" for Manus Nigra, as an extra treat after making the cover for their first LP. The animations went with the lyrics, and I went where it took me. It was a very fun and different project, with a very political message from the lead rapper and guest rapper. Though I don't agree fully with the words spoken, there is some good and valid points for shure - so brush up on your danish for this one.

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