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Seeing the influx of refugees on the coast of Greece Islands, was a breaking point for the rapper Thorbjørn aka. Ham Den Lange, and he put the record he was working on in hiatus, so he could make a non-profit and make some noise about it.

I have worked with him before, on his other project Manus Nigra, and he approached me to work on an animated video, showing some of the real life stories that he had encountered during his time helping out the refugees in the camps of Greece.

The work was hard, and the stories are devastating. This was a tough project, but I am proud to have worked on it, and hope you will give it a listen/watch. The non-profit associated with the work is called 100procentnødhjælp (100 percent aid), and you are most welcome to check that out as well.

Watch the animation below:


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