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My good friends from danish cumbia band Junglelyd approached me to make a music video for their new single! I had free reins to pick a tune from their upcoming album, and the guitarriff from Coffee stayed in my head from the minute i first heard it. I took a lot of experimentation, and the guys where really sweet and let me do my thing.

The cumbia music style is from the jungles in south america. The ritual of Ayahuasca tea, and the deep wisdom of the jungle where some of the main inspirations for their new album, so i tried to make a video showing the trip into the junglelyd space for the uninitiated.

Mostly, this was about having fun and letting loose. I have played a few times as a standin in the band, and whenever they play, people seem to loosen up, and give in to a more primal sense of humanity. With the junglelyd guys as guides, i would warmly recommend it! Keep an eye out for their new record!

The work was primarily done in Clip Studio Paint - which i have been exploring a lot for its amazing animation capabilities. This software does not get enough love from the animation community! Hopefully this will slowly change as more people discover the opportunities within. I am still learning, and it seems that every time i finish a project, i find some new, time saving feature. Check out Clip Studio Paint


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