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record cover

Cover Illustration for the jazz-trio Elliott. The cover is for their debut album, Girls with Radical Haircuts. I was free to do this piece as i saw fit.

Initially the idea was to design 4 different scenes of childhood memories, and arrange them in windows on the cover. That would have been a great LP cover, but the cd-format didn't allow that amount of detail, so I opted for a single frame.

The Childhood theme is derived from the music, which is refreshingly straightforward and simplistic. When I listened to the band for the first time, I had flashes of a bygone era of my life where summers where endless and adventure was everywhere. I remembered specific moments, and used those as the starting point for exploration.

Some of the fun work on this piece was getting the facial features to appear androgynous. In that day, gender was never interesting (..a few years later it really was!) and that idea was important to the overall feel. Even then, I think it could have been more feminine..

The video below gives a 2-song teaser for the album, alongside a timelapse of my process for the artwork.

Go get the record, to support the starving trio: Elliott website

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