Himpel Eskidlsen Duo - 3rd Room

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3rd Room

Himpel Eskildsen Duo

1 Yesterdays Blues
Simon Eskildsen
2 The Lydian Sharp Enters
Simon Eskildsen
3 After Math
Benjamin Himpel
4 1st Room
5 Melancholy Dreams
Benjamin Himpel
6 Dennis Fra Venice
Simon Eskildsen
7 2nd Room

8 Green Eggs
Benjamin Himpel
9 Duerne Flyver
Ben Fabricius-Bjerre
10 3rd Room
11 Wardencliffe
Simon Eskildsen
12 If I Knew
Benjamin Himpel
13 Lovetune #4
Simon Eskildsen

Himpel Eskildsen Duo
Meeting each other at jam-sessions, Benjamin Himpel and Simon Eskildsen quickly developed a strong musical connection - an ability to follow each others route within the tunes they where playing. Slowly the musical friendship developed, and both players started writing music for the duo.

The result - 3rd Room, showcases the compositions of both players, with a strong common language and sprinled with more free collaboration-pieces (the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Room improvs).

The record was released in 2017, and the due has played tours in Denmark and Germany since.

Benjamin Himpel - saxophones/bassclarinet
Simon Gorm Eskildsen - piano

Recorded at Musikschule Filderstadt by Himpel Eskildsen Duo
Mixed by Søren Mortensen at Meklenborg Studios
Master by Fritz Heieck
Released in 2017 by Jazzhausmusik


phone: 0045 61719476
email: simoneskildsen(at)gmail.com
facebook: Simon Gorm Eskildsen


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